What makes Regency unique is that we are a large, adult multi-team raiding guild created for the purpose of building a community that offers perks and benefits to raiding as well as an active social atmosphere. Each of our raid teams retains their own autonomy by choosing their own team officers, loot rules, days, times, etc. and even a name but all operate together in the same guild.

To better serve a diverse community, Regency has developed a unique organization structure with well-defined functions and roles. Our Global Leadership is comprised of the Guild Master and Guild Administrators who are individuals who take on additional responsibilities to serve the community in various ways. They do not dictate how the teams are to operate , rather Regency policy is decided upon by Commanders and their officers then the Global leadership drafts those requests into policy. Transparency is also important in such a large guild so more information on our structure and policy can be found in our guild charter.

We value collaboration, respect, and inclusivity in all aspects of our gameplay and apart from our regularly scheduled core team raids, we offer open raids, fun events, and other community activities to participate in. If you’re interested in learning more about us, join our discord or whisper our leadership in game.



Bnet: ClaireBear#1202
Discord: Symmone#2172